Skype Sessions

I help people when they’re at a crossroads, when they’re looking for an insight as to how to move forward.

My sessions may involve a reading where I connect to your energy, hear where you are at and glean information for you, to help you move forward.

My sessions may also be in the form of a Shamanic Journey where I journey to Spirit to retrieve messages or do a Soul Retrieval for you.

Visit the Land

I will intuit where we need to visit in person to help you connect to the land and enable healing to happen.

You can see some of the places I visit in my gallery, with many more upon request.

Is there a place that calls to you? Would you like to know why? Contact me and let’s find out together.

Spiritual Ceremonies

Have you ever felt that you wanted to design something personal and relevant to you, and the loved ones in your life?

Contact me for a very special, bespoke ceremony that will be something you remember for always.

The types of ceremonies I create are Naming, Handfasting, End of life. I can also create something new, just for you, if it calls.

Energy Clearing for Land and People

Sometimes we all get the feeling that the space we are in isn’t quite right. Maybe there is something there that needs to move on.

I can come to your location in Ireland and divine what the situation is, and energetically clear the land and premises for you to allow new flow to enter.


If you would like more information on any of my Services or to book something with me, contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

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